Operation Mindcrime - The Key Videos:

Producer: Jamie Burton Chamberlin
August 2015

Video Release party for Operation:Mindcrime's first two videos from the band’s forthcoming concept album, The Key, including the new video for “Burn” and the recently released video for “Re-Inventing The Future,” which had been viewed nearly 80,000 times on YouTube in less than two weeks. Both the videos were directed by Seattle filmmaker Jamie Burton Chamberlin, whose music credits include work with ZZ Top, Duff McKagan and others.

The Missionary Position - Live at The Feedback Lounge:

Producer: Jamie Burton Chamberlin
December, 2013 (Deluxe Version January, 2014)

It’s not every day that one thinks of The Doors, Morphine and George Clinton when describing a band. Moody and ambient, smooth yet edgy, funky with a nasty sense of humor – that’s an unlikely mix, and a lot for one act to carry off. But that’s exactly what The Missionary Position does. All of that, and they bring the rock. This 6-song Live DVD features songs from the band's two releases "Diamonds in a Dead Sky" and "Consequences."

West Seattle Artwalk 2013 (Black Dahlia Films Showcase):

Producer: Jamie Burton Chamberlin
March 14, 2013

Hosted at Feedback Lounge, this showcase included videos from ZZ Top, Loaded, The Missionary Position, Van Eps, James Germain, Villains of Yesterday, and also featured the premier of The Mothership's latest video!

ZZ Top - Doouble Down (DVD):

Producer: Jamie Burton Chamberlin & Billy Gibbons
Released: Feburary 2010
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Double Down Live is a two DVD set by ZZ Top, combining shows from 1980 and 2007-2008. Disc one was filmed at Grugahalle in Essen, Germany for Rockpalast. Disc two was shot during their Hollywood Blues, El Camino Ocho, and In Your Face Tours. The DVD includes live performances, interview clips, and backstage footage.

Duff Mckagan's Loaded - The Taking (DVD):

Producer: Jamie Burton Chamberlin
Release Date: 2012

Chamberlin's new project is a feature length film about Seattle rock legend Duff McKagan and his band, Loaded. The band's line up also includes bass player and West Seattle resident Jeff Rouse, as well as guitarist Mike Squires and drummer Isaac Carpenter.

Rock and Roll Gearhead - 4 Days With Billy F. Gibbons (DVD):

Producer: Jamie Burton Chamberlin
Release Date: TBA

Rock and Roll Gearhead is the ultimate backstage ticket that documents the release of Billy's first book, rare studio and radio appearances, his diverse fan base, and the people that surround him. This is unprecedented access rated for tone, taste, and tenacity!!!